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Our Process


Identify the service you need and quote online by completing the job questionnaire to receive your quote. Select the desired date for service and specify any details you want the cleaner to know. You can also contact us via text or email and one of our representatives will assist you. 


After going over pricing, accept the quote along with the terms, and conditions. Once you get availability confirmation, pay with your desired payment method from the confort of your home through our payment gateway. 


You will receive an email confirming payment and the cleaning appointment. Set reminders on your calendar so you don't forget! Remember, you can always contact us to reschedule at no additional cost as long as we get notified at least 24 hours before your appointment.


Once the service is completed, review the quality of the cleaning and the maid's performance. This is very helpful for us since we are continuously looking to perfect the service and use feedback to track our work.


Get a quote!

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